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Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission

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Monthly Trainings

Code of Ethics


with Mark Roche

Calendar Jun 28, 2018 at 10 am

Location: Wellesley Police Department

This workshop is designed to provide ethics training and technical assistance to Accreditation Managers and Department Trainers. During the first half of the workshop, attendees will receive a basic in-service refresher training session in ethics. This training will provided by a MPTC Certified Instructor.

Following the refresher training session, attendees will be provided with technical assistance for developing their own customized, in-house Code of Ethics training curriculum. This session is designed to provide attendees with a basic toolkit to develop a self-sustained training module that is compliant with the training requirements associated with MPAC Standard 1.1.2. and reflective of the agencies values.

Preparing for the Assessment


with Lt. Laurene Spiess

Calendar Jul 18, 2018 at 10 am

Location: Boston College School of Law, Newton, MA

This  workshop  covers  the  major  facets  of  the  on-site assessment phase  beginning  with  two  preliminary reviews:  one  by  the  agency's  peers  known  as  the  mock  assessment  and  the  other  by  the  Commission  to  determine  an  agency’s  readiness  to  be  assessed by  the  Commission. Timelines  (in  conjunction  with the  Commission’s  meeting  schedule),  the  Commission’s  Checklist  for  Preparing  for  the  On-site  Assessment,  what  you  can  expect  from  the  assessors,  the  station  tour,  assessment  notification  requirements  (for accreditation  only),  the  exit  briefing  with  the  assessors,  the  assessment  team’s  report,  and  finally  the  review  before  the  Commission  will  all  be  discussed.

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